We have no border policy

It’s become painfully apparent to us that the Democrat party leadership think an open Southern border policy is just fine with them. Never mind the Mexican cartels profiting from the illegal human trafficking, including unaccompanied minors, and drug smuggling activity that is taking place every day down at the open border.
It’s just fine with them because they believe they are laying the groundwork for future voter recruitment and securing their goal of one-party rule in this country. There is unbelievable human suffering taking place at the Southern border and President Biden and his useless vice president, Kamala Harris look the other way.
Neither of them have been to the border to see for themselves first hand what the deplorable conditions are down there for migrants coming here from an estimated 160 countries in the world. Biden appointed Harris his “border czar” over three months ago and she and he have been everywhere else besides the border.
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said over 180,000 illegals entered the country last month and estimated there would be over two million that will enter the country by the end of this year. United States residents residing near the border live in fear that their property is being threatened and their lives are in danger from criminals and gang members crossing the open border into their states. How would you like to be living near the border at this time in our history?
The time has long passed for this unlawful behavior to no longer be tolerated by our country. It is bad enough that we witnessed Democrat-run cities and states allowing rioting, looting and burning last summer amid calls to defund their police departments. Portland, Ore. is still having riots every night in that Democrat-run city.
Democrats are leading the charge to defund and eliminate police departments in major cities all over the country, while all categories of crimes are rising. One Democrat representative even suggested that we stop building prisons in order to curb the rise in violent crime. This kind of convoluted thinking is prevalent in that party today.
Biden and Harris should be charged with crimes against humanity for not taking action to end the insane lawlessness taking place at the Southern border. They and their elected colleagues in Washington, D.C. took an oath to protect and defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They are not living up to that oath.
Right now we don’t know who is coming across our Southern border, but we do know that lawless Mexican cartels are profiting immensely by escorting illegals across our border and charging thousands of dollars for their services. Many of these illegals become indentured servants of the cartels and work off their debt by engaging in criminal activity, like prostitution, in this country.
Biden and Harris have not been to the border since the inauguration, and for good reason. If they did go down there, as many of their colleagues in Congress have, they would be confronted with the utter chaos their lack of border control policy has created.
A country without borders is not a country. Every other country in the world has borders that they protect and monitor. It is a dereliction of duty for the Biden administration to keep allowing this insanity and chaos to continue at our Southern border.
Chaos at the Southern border is just another indication of the upheaval our country has experienced since Biden took over. It seems every action this administration has taken has been detrimental to the people of this country.
It is time for this nightmare to end, and a good start would be to secure our Southern border and stop the rising tide of illegal immigration into our country.

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