Sidewalk work ‘a week behind’ after poor weather

After poor weather the previous two weeks crews working on the Hill City sidewalks are hoping for sunny days ahead.

At the weekly sidewalk meeting though, crews were optimistic that more work can be done this week because of a good weather forecast.

“Hopefully the weather is good,” said Brett McMacken, city administrator for Hill City. “It looks good.”

Approximately a weeks worth of work was lost on the Hill City sidewalk project due to poor weather the previous two weeks.

Scott Donnelly, representing Complete Concrete (the firm responsible for the work on the sidewalks) said he doesn’t think there’s anything that can be done to make up for that time lost.

“We are going to be completing the phase one retaining wall (Tuesday, Oct. 15),” he said. “(Monday night) we finished piping the lighting.”

Fabric will be installed behind the wall on Wednesday, he added, and crews will finish supporting the columns for when work starts on the upper sidewalks.

Donnelly suggested that the city consider updating the supports for the awnings. There will be a nice railing going in place, he said, so it might be worth looking at the cost of updating the supports.

McMacken wanted to know the condition of the supports at the Hill City Café.

“Some are bad,” said Keith Winter, of the South Dakota Department of Transportation. “Others are fine.”

McMacken said he would discuss it with the owners of the Hill City Café.

The focus then shifted to work on the upper sidewalk, specifically when it will begin.

If the weather holds up, the crews should start working on the upper sidewalk late next week, Donnelly said.

“I think all next week we’ll be moving the supports and getting concrete poured (on the lower sidewalk),” he added.

Alderman Bill Miner, who was in attendance at the meeting, said, looking at the schedule of events in Hill City, that the upcoming Girlfriends’ Weekend would be held when the crews are working on the upper sidewalks.

Donnelly said those participating would still have access to the upper sidewalk.

“We’re not going to shut the project down for a weekend event,” Winter added.

Winter agreed with Donnelly there would still be access to the upper sidewalk. It won’t be a problem, said Lee Jacobson of Complete Concrete.

Crews will work hard on getting a path through and around the construction, Donnelly said, similar to the way there was a path around the bump out on the east side of the street near the Mangy Moose and Jon Crane Gallery.

It won’t be difficult to build ramps in some spots, Jacobson added.

The crew said so long as the weather holds up this week, it will be able to make progress on the sidewalk. There could be rain or snow later in the week, McMacken said.

“It won’t bother us as much now,” Donnelly said.

The next Hill City sidewalk meeting will be held at 8 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 21 at the Hill City Senior Center.


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