Scouts to have art festival booths

Custer Cub Scouts Pack 25 will hosting two booths at the Buffalo Roundup Arts Festival this weekend. The booths will be a portable BB Gun Range and Archery Range as well as a Lego League booth.
Trails End Popcorn will be available. Popcorn sales is the Scouts’ largest fundraiser of the year and helps fund scouting activities, as well as local councils operating costs.
Also available will be Leave No Trace information to raise public awareness about responsible recreational use of the Black Hills. Outdoor ethics is a large part of scouting and Scouts want people to realize how important it is to preserve outdoor resources for future generations to use and enjoy.
A local business, Svesson Construction, has sponsored Custers F.I.R.S.T Lego League teams for many years.
Youth from all ages are challenged to come up with innovative solutions to real world problems each season, as well as design an interactive robot using legos and WeDo, MindStorm or other programming technology.  There’s three parts to a FIRST Challenge season...(ages 9-14)
• The Robot - designed and programmed by the team to repeatedly interact with various lego builds in a consistent manner
• The Challenge - a real world problem youth must come up with a new, innovative solution for by researching and reaching out for the industry leaders feedback on if its feasible or not
• The CORE Values a set of rules designed to encourage cooperation (working with other teams to help them improve, while still trying to beat them) and having fun.
This year’s booth will showcase the robot and give other youth an opportunity for hands on experience with it.  There will also be challenges available for more hands-on engineering fun.
As a community service/outreach program the team is also offering free T.R.E.A.D. Lightly! Tread Lightly! is a program designed 30 years ago to help people responsibly use the outdoors for recreational fun. The program has over 20 specified activities with specific tips for each one on how to preserve our natural resources while having fun.  Each set of helpful tips are based on Tread Lightly!’s core concepts include:
T. Travel Responsibly
R. Respect the rights of others
E. Educate Yourself
A. Avoid sensitive areas
D. Do your part

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