Police deaths are tragic news

It’s been a tragic few weeks on the law enforcement front, as several stories have emerged from across the country of law enforcement officers (and a firefighter as well) being gunned down in the line of duty. It was brought even closer to home when Sheridan, Wyo., police officer Nevada Krinkee was shot and killed while trying to deliver a trespass warning. He was only 33 years old.
We mourn with the City of Sheridan, the Sheridan Police Department, and all the other communities around the country that are suffering through the loss of one of their finest. It holds true in Burnsville, Minn., where two police officers and a firefighter were shot and killed when they responded to a domestic incident in that city, which is a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul.
 We can all remember it wasn’t long ago that Minnesota, and in particular Minneapolis, was the flashpoint for the “abolish the police” movements in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. We knew then, like we know now, that police officers are vital to our society—the thin blue line that protects us from people like those who shot Krinkee and the officers in Minnesota. We aren’t going to print the names of the men who killed Krinkee and the Minnesota officers, because they don’t deserve the use of our ink.
Across the board, cities and towns who jumped on the far left wing and idiotic “abolish the police” or “defund the police” bandwagon have either seen crime skyrocket, or have reversed course and tried to hire more police officers because they have found out what anybody with common sense already knows—getting rid of police does nothing to eliminate crime. Criminals aren’t going to stop being criminals if you pat them on the head and ask them to be nice. We hope the pendulum is swinging back in the right direction and the days of giving criminals more sympathy and rights than the victims is almost over. It was nonsense then and it’s nonsense now.
For us, ACAB means All Cops Are Brave. We have said it before, and we say it again—our police officers go to work every day not knowing the danger they face or if that day will be their last on the job. They do it anyway to protect us. Someone has to do it, as we’ve learned, and we are so grateful for those who do it both locally, statewide and throughout the country.
We proudly back the blue, and will continue to do so. Here’s to hoping the aforementioned murders are the last we have to hear about for a long, long time.

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