My dog is tougher than yours

Leslie Silverman

My dog Sadie is incredible! Besides being an amazing rock climbing dog and incredible stand up paddle boarding pup, she can add to her resume extraordinary extreme hiker.

Mom dragged her up to Florence Lake. This is a 20-mile round trip hike at about 11,000 feet. Not crazy far. Or crazy high. But Sadiegirl hiked it car to car in 10 hours!

Yes you read that right.

Sadie was woken up at 3:40 a.m. after spending the night truck camping, sleeping on her “perch” inside the Toyota Tundra.

She skipped breakfast, even though mom pleaded with her to eat.

She started the hike by headlamp, enjoying the crisp 50-degree air.

Unable to see chipmunks or squirrels Sadie kept pace with her humans.

As the first rays of sunlight poked out, Sadie became a bit more curious. At the first creek she opted for a full on water crossing versus rock skipping.

She took the logs at crossing two and three.

She did slip off a log at the third creek, but rapidly adjusted, swimming effortlessly to shore.

Sadie maneuvered the switchbacks with style. A smart border collie, she stepped right in the heels of her human, enjoying the shade of her mom's backpack.

The small boulder fields were no match for her tiny paws, and she sipped ground water whenever it seeped out.

The lake was a great place to rest. Again, Sadie opted to skip lunch while her humans enjoyed pretzels and nuts. Even the tuna fish topping to her kibble did not entice her taste buds. She’s just that hard core.

She did go for a quick swim and sniff some nearby anglers.

The swagger in her step on the hike back from the lake showed her stoke. She made a few side trips to the creek even before the actual crossings. An off trail squirrel caught her eye and she slowly moved to tree it. Unsuccessful, she came back to her humans and the task at hand, getting them safely back to the truck.

At the last rest break she snubbed her nose at the pretzel and M&M offerings.

But she had no shame in walking through the mud puddle as she got closer to the truck.

Once back, Sadie jumped right into the truck. She went to sleep very fast. At home one of her humans carried her to the ground. She seemed drunk, kind of half asleep and half with it. Her tail was very waggy waggy though! She was treated to pizza, a milk bone, and a cheese topped kibble bowl.

Sadiegirl is so tough. Her human mom is always telling her she’s the best, she’s Sadiegirl, she’s better than the rest! I think her conquest of Florence Lake proves just that!

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