The making of a homecoming

Reace Guy

Pep rallies, parades, royalty and rivalry sports games: all major parts of the high school tradition that most people know as homecoming. A time for students and community members alike to come together and celebrate their school spirit. That same school spirit will continue no matter the obstacle.
Homecoming this year began with a few unforeseen complications, which caused quite a stir within the Custer High School’s Student Council, which plans homecoming. After student council lost its dedicated advisor, Sandy Arsenault, it became [a crucial time] for someone to take the reins. And student council advisor Michaela Doyle grabbed those reins as the new student council advisor by taking on every obstacle that homecoming could have possibly thrown at her.
After hearing the news of Arseneault’s absence, yet another obstacle was thrown the council’s way: volleyball Lakota Nation Invitational (LNI). As addressed by vice principal Joey Kortemeyer, “there was a scheduling glitch… the LNI committee wasn’t in full communication after not having LNI last year.” Consequently, the week of homecoming had to be moved up from its original date in October to September.
Once homecoming was moved, it was crunch time for all those involved. Calling venues for fifth quarter, planning dress-up days, arranging sports games and organizing the parade, all within three weeks.
Student council president Kellyn Kortemeyer has been working hard to plan a homecoming that everyone will enjoy. She said, “it’s hard to please everyone and there’s always going to be [someone] who says, ‘I hate this’ or ‘this is dumb.”
While it is student council’s job to plan and coordinate homecoming, it is ultimately the students’ choice when it comes down to their homecoming experience. The local student council members and advisor, like everyone else, just want to have a fun homecoming.
“It’s hard to have fun, it’s our (student council’s) homecoming too. We’re so stressed out that we forget to have fun,” Kortemeyer said.
Regardless of their doubts and setbacks the planners say they managed to plan and carry out a successful and spirit-filled homecoming for the whole community.


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