Hill City School District features teacher Brady Chase

What grade/subject do you teach? 
Third grade.
Where did you grow up and where did you go to college? 
I grew up in Redfield, and went to Black Hills State University for college.
How long have you been a teacher? 
I am going on my fifth year of teaching. All years proudly served here as a Ranger!
Why did you become a teacher?
I always tell people that I became a third grade teacher because I took third grade so many times that I knew enough about it to teach it. 
Jokes aside, I think I became a teacher because there’s no better feeling than hanging out and having fun with awesome kids.  
These students are so excited and full of energy that it’s contagious.  
I have a hard time believing that there is another career path I could’ve chosen that would’ve made me laugh and smile as much as I do now.  
Oh, and I guess watching kids learn and grow is pretty cool, too!
What do you love about teaching in Hill City?
 Something I’ve always loved about teaching here is the fact that this school is a pivotal part of the entire community.  
There has never been a moment in my career here that I did not feel supported by both the administration and the community.  It has truly enabled me to provide that best environment for these kids to learn and grow.  So, for that, I say thank you!   
Would you like to share any personal info about coaching, family, pets?
 Along with being a teacher, I am also a Middle School Girls’ Basketball coach and the Head Middle School Track coach.  
Things I still find passion in not only as a coach: I’m an avid runner and occasional basketball player.  If you ever see me running around town, do not hesitate to hoot, holler, honk or wave.  
I am extremely excited for what this year has to hold for our school and community!  
Thank you for the continued support and devotion to our kids!

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