Grassroots patriots represented at rally

It probably disappointed a lot of liberal folks and their cohorts in the national news media when the annual Pro-Second Amendment Rally in Richmond, Va., last Monday did not result in any kind of significant confrontations. This was in no small way due to the lack of objective reporting of the event which drew tens of thousands of patriotic Second Amendment advocates from all over the country, not just Virginia.
NBC referred to the event as a “white nationalist rally,” whatever that means. Practically every major network from NBC to CNN used the words “fascists” and “white nationalists” to identify peaceful demonstrators. These terms are not meant to be endearing. You have to wonder what they mean by calling people “white nationalists.” If we are of the caucasian race and living in a nation like America, it should not be a disparaging remark to be called a “white nationalist,” meaning that we are of the white race and living in the nation of America.
The only problem at this rally is that there were people of all races present to support the Second Amendment. So were these black Americans “black nationalists”? YouTube tried its best to interrupt live streaming of patriot interviews and ultimately succeeded. What we saw were black and white, male and female, young and old supporters articulately making their case for the importance of preserving the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.
At stake is Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam and his newly-elected (last November) Democratic majority legislature considering the passage of numerous proposed bills deemed to be aimed at lawful gun owners in Virginia. You remember Gov. Northam. He is also a doctor who said the fate of a newborn baby should be in the hands of a mother and her doctor. He is also the one who first denied the identity of a black-faced person in his college yearbook, ultimately admitting it was him. 
The reason this particular pro-gun rally drew such a large crowd is because its members believed that if it happens in Virginia, it could spread to other states as well. One of the onerous anti-gun bills limits fireams purchases to one a month. Another bill would require background checks on private sales of firearms. Another would allow localities to ban firearms in public during certain permitted events. This one, alone, would seem to be a bad idea as an unlawful, mentally derranged gunman would encounter no resistance if he decided to shoot people.
Virginia gun owners quickly learned of the fact that elections have consequences, just as the nation learned this same fact with the election of a Democrat majority to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2018. Virginia has anti-gun legislators to deal with and the country has anti-Trump representatives who voted to impeach him, something they have advocated from the time the president was elected. They have been searching for a reason(s) ever since.
We applaud the diverse Pro-Second Amendment crowd at Monday’s rally in Richmond and are glad it was a peaceful gathering of patriots who sang songs like “Proud to be an American” and chanted “USA, USA, USA!” They were a great example of what grassroots America is all about.

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