First responders save the day

Seriously—what would we do without our first responders?
Most of last week was the perfect prescription for a disastrous fire, with a bone-dry landscape and wind that was gusting up to 70 mph. If those days weren’t the epitome of a red flag fire day, we don’t know what is. It seems like all too frequently when we have strong wind around here, a fire breaks out. It’s nobody’s fault, really. We have a lot of trees around here, and a lot of power lines. Strong winds cause one to blow into the other more than we would like, resulting in more fire than we would like, or spread sparks from other sources. It’s especially dangerous when the wind is blowing that hard and the landscape is that dry.
What could have easily been a disastrous fire was quickly jumped on by our expert firefighters. This was especially important when you consider the location of the fire. There are homes all over the area where the fire broke out, and with the wind as strong as it was at the time, loss of homes, or even worse, loss of life, could have potentially occurred. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.
Of course, it wasn’t just the firefighters who helped the cause. We can’t forget Custer County Search and Rescue (SAR), which always helps out in times of need. SAR always springs into action in fire situations, whether it’s helping with traffic control or helping with evacuation notices. Whatever needs to be done to assist in emergency management, SAR is there to help.
The Custer County Sheriff’s Office also assists whenever there is a fire, helping with traffic control and keeping people safe. Our local power companies also spring into action whenever disaster strikes. There was a lot of lost power during the storm, and the companies worked to make sure power was restored in a timely fashion.
First responders are the backbone of our community, and every time disaster strikes, we quickly learn why we just couldn’t do without them. Whether it is firefighters, the sheriff’s office, SAR, EMTs or whatever, someone has to answer the call when disaster strikes, and Custer County and the surrounding areas has some of the best in the business.
First responders are always at the forefront of each incident or disaster and work to ensure the safety and well-being of the population. They are selfless individuals, because there is always a risk to their own bodies when they put themselves at the forefront of a dangerous situation.
We applaud every first responder who assisted on the Wabash Fire. You kept what could have been a major incident not-so-major, and we know we speak for the entire communtiy when we say how grateful we are to have you in our corner.

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