Chamber orders maps for season

Leslie Silverman

Listening to its members, the Keystone Chamber of Commerce voted to order additional maps for this season’s tourist season.


The decision came at the latest chamber board meeting. The board received two quotes for producing the maps. The board accepted the $3,387 bid from Evergreen.


“Last meeting, we had a request to double the number of maps because everybody was running out of them,” said Leah Serrano. “We’re trying to make sure tall the members are getting everything that they’ve paid for and asked for.”


The price is $1,400 more than last year’s cost; however, the board is not passing that expense onto businesses.


“Let’s do the best that we can for our members,” said Lloyd Shelton. Deadline for submission will be mid-April and the maps will be distributed in May. 


The board had planned to hire a chamber director for the 2020 tourist season. However, the COVID-19 virus has put that plan on hold. The board agrees that a new director needs to not be tied to an office.


“The new director, they’ve got to be out in the community. They have to be getting to know our members,” said Shelton.


The chamber is optimistic about the summer season and is working on marketing all events including the half-marathon and Carrie Ingalls festival.


“We are moving forward,” said Serrano. “We are planning like everything is going to be OK. We want to promote anything that we can.”


The board is also optimistic that a contract with the city will be in place soon.


“We’re hoping that the city is still going to be able to give us money,” said Serrano. “The way that we’re working now. I feel that in the last year we’ve really improved our communication and relationships.”

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