Calumet Fire breaks out near Keystone

Leslie Silverman

Firefighters from Battle Creek Volunteer Fire Department in  Keystone responded to a three to four acre fire near Calumet Road just outside of Keystone June 8.
The department  was assisted by several other fire departments including Rockerville and Rapid City. A total of six departments responded to the incident. The alarm time was 1:15 a.m. June 8 and as of print time there was no threat to structures or infrastructure. Forward progress on the fire has been stopped. Pennington County Sheriff's Office, the Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota Highway Patrol, and Pennington County 911 also responded to the blaze.
Jerome Harvey, fire administrator from the Pennington County Fire Service, reminds people to continue to manage the fuel sources on their own property.
“The time to do this is now, not when there’s smoke in the air,” Harvey said.
Firefighters across the area are concerned about what the  drought pattern holds for the Black Hills.
“This is great reminder that people need to be firewise on their own property and ask yourself, ‘are you really ready,’” Harvey said.

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