All Aboard new restaurant in Hill City

Esther Noe
Locals and visitors alike can now come all aboard at the new restaurant on Hill City’s Main Street. Located in the former home of the Box Car Eats & Treats, All Aboard is run by Jessica and Casey Rasmussen. 
“I just wanted a new adventure,” said Jessica. “This is something we enjoy. We used to have a food trailer and we totally enjoy it.” 
Jessica has worked in the food industry for around 25 years after a friend got her started. 
“I’ve just done it for so many years, it just feels natural,” she said. 
The Rasmussens took over the restaurant April 1. To start, they cleared out some space, added cubbies for merchandise and set up more seating and highchairs to create a family environment. 
“I just wanted to open everything up,” said Jessica. 
When it came to a name, Jessica said she loved the train décor and wanted to keep the theme going through the name, sign and uniforms. 
“It just rang,” she said. “Come all aboard and eat my burgers.” 
All Aboard opened for business April 27 and Jessica said the response has been very good. They already have regular customers. 
One gentleman even tracked down the restaurant from a picture posted on the Hill City Happenings Facebook page and ordered the meal from the picture.
“He found me by a picture that this gentleman had posted. I loved it. It was fun,” said Jessica. “I’ve had lots of good comments and everything so I’m very happy with it.”
Hamburgers are a staple at All Aboard, and Jessica said, “We love making homemade burgers.” 
These burgers are completely customizable with any combination of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, pepper jack cheese, mild cheddar cheese, provolone or American cheese for toppings. There is also grilled cheese sandwiches with a choice of cheese. 
For fries, there is shoestring fries with an optional special seasoning. 
“A lot of people don’t have shoe string anymore. I just like them way better. They get more crispy and crunchy,” said Jessica. 
Jessica said the chicken sandwiches, chicken strips, onion rings, mini corn dogs and cheese curds are all amazing. One customer even made a sandwich with cheese curds and a bun because he loved them so much. 
There are soup options too, and Jessica said, “I always have homemade chili because we have chili dogs.” 
Some people even get chili on their nachos instead of taco meat. 
Jessica plans to bring her cheesy potatoes to the restaurant soon. She said these are so good that she used to have customers follow her around Sioux Falls asking for them. One girl even cried when Jessica ran out, she said.
For desserts there is a selection of ice cream, soft serve ice cream, floats and slushies. There is also a variety of drinks including Coca-Cola fountain products, bottled pop, bottled water, Monster, juice and Sparkling Ice. 
Jessica said they plan on having some staples and some rotating specials at All Aboard. Customers can watch Facebook to find out when a favorite or something new is available. 
Along with the food, All Aboard also has a selection of Park Bench products including T-shirts, hats, stickers and cups. Jessica said the thermos cups work so well they can keep a drink hot overnight in the winter. 
The Rasmussens are focusing on creating a fun, happy, family atmosphere at All Aboard where people can come and enjoy a meal together. 
“We just have fun here. We don’t like to be grumpy,” said Jessica. “We like to keep things clean and keep everybody happy.”
Jessica said she enjoys seeing all the happy customers, especially when she tells people All Aboard will be open year-round with reduced hours and specials in the winter. 
“And I’m not going to close on Mondays because nobody’s open on Mondays here,” said Jessica. “I’m going to be open unless there’s a winter storm or something.” 
For the summer, All Aboard is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays. They have takeout as well as room to sit down and enjoy a meal. The average wait time is about seven minutes. All Aboard can be reached at 605-517-2063.
“Come in and eat,” said Jessica. “You’re going to get good service from happy people.”

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