Pandemic-busters class offered in Keystone

A free class on healthy habits specifically designed to boost the immune system during COVID-19 is happening at Keystone Community Center Oct. 11 at 6 p.m. The Pandemic Busters class is hosted by Stacy Dean and Chris Miles, two medical missionaries who have been actively involved in the after school rec program at the Keystone Library. 
The pair is creating a  Keystone Community Builders Club for the children, teaching them everything from better eating habits to ways to have a positive impact. The group has already painted the propane tank outside of city hall to show children how impactful they can be in their community.
The healthy habits class will feature information on nutrition, wellness and ways to boost the immune system as COVID-19 continues and flu season draws near.
The free class is a way for Dean and Miles to give back to the community and share their expertise as medical missionaries. 

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