GMA coming to Keystone

“Good Morning America” will come to Keystone July 19. The program will be shooting footage  in the area for a July 20 segment called “Rise & Shine.”   
“Good Morning America’s Rise & Shine series is taking viewers to all 50 states, crisscrossing the United States and showcasing the country as America starts to safely re-open,” said Elizabeth Hecht of ABC.
On July 20 GMA will feature South Dakota, including Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills Adventure Tours, Watecha Bowl and more.
Watecha Bowl is a restaurant in Sioux Falls that serves Lakota Food. Aside from Mount Rushmore it is unclear what attractions in the Black Hills will be featured, although according to Big Thunder Gold Mine owner Sandi McLain she has been contacted.
“They asked for B roll from us,” said McLain. The film was taken locally at one of the mine’s claims.
“Features like these are a great way to put a spotlight on our state,” said Katlyn Svendsen of the South Dakota Department of Tourism. “They highlight the good work and lifestyle happening here in South Dakota to a large audience producing a great amount of exposure for the state.
The Department of Tourism continually works on local, regional, national and international coverage for South Dakota. Broadcast features on major networks provide exposure to large audience sharing news on South Dakota’s Great Faces and Great Places.”


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