Freuh is district Teacher of the Year

Nathan Steele

Kris Freuh, the reading interventionist at Hermosa School, has been named the Custer School District Teacher of the Year. The nomination came from her fellow teachers and staff at the school, and Frueh said she was surprised by the award.
“I was shocked. I really was,” said Freuh. She said she wasn’t expecting it and is  “completely honored.”
Freuh has been teaching in the states of South Dakota and Nebraska for 32 years and this is her fourth year in Custer School District. Previously, she lived “in that area where if you cross a bridge you go into Iowa, and if you cross another bridge you’re in Nebraska.” She began teaching her career in Centerville and said she enjoys teaching in a small school again.
“It’s kind of like coming home, coming to a small school again to finish my career. I think that’s pretty wonderful,” said Freuh.
She said that she’s very humbled to receive the award but that the work is truly a collaboration between everyone in the school.
“I think any time an award goes to a specific person, it is humbling, but I think it also needs to be known that the success of our kids doesn’t come from just me. It’s a team effort to truly help a kid be a successful reader—that includes classroom teachers, it includes our principal. It takes our paras to work with them as well,” said Feuh. “Our teachers truly work as a team. When we do that successfully, our kids are successful.”
When asked what the best part of the job is, Freuh didn’t hesitate at all in answering, “the kids.”
“We have such wonderful kids. I just adore them. They are amazing and such hard workers,” she said.
Freuh also said that she enjoys working in Custer School District since she first began four years go.
“I feel truly lucky to work for this district. It’s a district that’s doing fine things for its students, and I’m just happy to be a part of it,” said Freuh.

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